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NOTSEIG "We are the only ones
namely to do what one does .... "

The drawing

This is where it all started, where I started to exist.

By drawing a line, the first, the most complicated, the one that expresses the will to finally try to fill the blank page of one's life.

Well after that remains a line, let's calm down.


It's more complex, close to chance.

You happen to see things,
details in your environment, right?

I needed to capture them, and sometimes to make them appear in reality.

Where are my pills?

The music

Neither more nor less than the organization of sounds in time...

For me, this art looks like a passionate relationship...
with all that intense and destructive that includes.

Does music make me Friendzone?

3D Design

In my mind, it was mandatory, like an extension of photography.

3D, photorealism, like the possibility for me to create the impossible.

Thank you video games, don't laugh, all my imagination comes from there?


As you can see, it is not easy to strictly define what I do. I keep certain limits, avoiding dispersing myself too much in the world of creation.

I always have the feeling that there is no border between each art, and that everyone can express the same thing in their own way.

As for my name, Notseig... it means a lot to me. He is the name of the person I wanted to become.

In my creations as well as more broadly in my life, I have always felt a strong duality within me, like an immense inner war between what I wanted, that is to say too much, and what I believed I could do, that is to say nothing?

Still on a tightrope, desperately clinging to the agonizing apprehension of the next squall?

My name, Notseig...
this one means a lot to me.
He is the name of the person I wanted to become.

But in recent years, something has changed? the shame gave way to a lot of pride, I wouldn?t want to be anyone but myself today.

Art for me is a way of reminding myself that there is no one better or worse than me, because I am the only one who knows how to do what I do, like all of us, and that? is that individuality that represents our beauty. Notseig, this identity no longer represents a need to disappear, but a desire to exist.

It is beautiful, say so!


For some time, I like to share my adventure with you:

my progress, my feelings, my creations,
through MANY stories on instagram and facebook,
youtube videos, making-off, timelapse ...

which you can find in the links to my various networks.

here is for the example
some photographs of myself
pretending to work.

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you can support me from 1 euro, and have access to rewards.

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